Thursday, 24 February 2011

DIY- scrabble ring as seen on pixie lott.

Made pixie lotts ring ! 

1.Okay so first off you need a scrabble set, you can get them in most shops like gamely or any toy shop or just mull around the charity shops to get a set for cheap.

2.second you need the ring, i got mine from a bead shop in brighton lanes but Vinatge charms also stocks them.

3.Lastly you need some superglue, im pretty sure any strong glue would do? you can bag yourself some off the link above or just go to your local hardware store and ask for craft glue (thats what i did ) 

4.finally place your scrabble piece on the ring and leave it over night to dry, wollah you have a pixielott ring! simples ;)

lots of love,blackcat,xx 

 let me know what you think of my DIY post im thinking of doing more? 


  1. Oh do the bead shop sell just plain rings? I didn't realise! defiantly going to go stock up on some and make a few different rings. This is a great post! and I'd love for you to do more, i always enjoy posts like this xo

  2. yeah completely recommend i now own so many random rings, there so easy to make! thanks i will try my best :) xx