Monday, 28 February 2011

when i grow older

When i saw this photo shoot i immediately fell in love! this is pretty much how i want my life to look when i hit my old age ! knitting all day surrounded by many cats...  

hope every had a good weekend, im back at school now and i seem to be spending all my time revising :( 

lots of love blackcat,xx 

exciting news,  ive been collecting some beautiful vintage clothes and jewelery that i have been meaning to sell for a while and my shop is almost up and running! 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

DIY- scrabble ring as seen on pixie lott.

Made pixie lotts ring ! 

1.Okay so first off you need a scrabble set, you can get them in most shops like gamely or any toy shop or just mull around the charity shops to get a set for cheap.

2.second you need the ring, i got mine from a bead shop in brighton lanes but Vinatge charms also stocks them.

3.Lastly you need some superglue, im pretty sure any strong glue would do? you can bag yourself some off the link above or just go to your local hardware store and ask for craft glue (thats what i did ) 

4.finally place your scrabble piece on the ring and leave it over night to dry, wollah you have a pixielott ring! simples ;)

lots of love,blackcat,xx 

 let me know what you think of my DIY post im thinking of doing more? 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

im not reaching for the moon, the moons reaching for me- audrey hepburn

Stayed up late last night watching a movie called sabrina fair staring audrey hepburn as for today went for a jog had breakfast at starbucks then mused around town with some friends. 
here's another post of a gorgeous fashion spread from elle magazine. 

lots of love, blackcat,xx 

im sorry for my lack of outfitposts i will start doing them, promise!

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Credit to weheartit 

thankgod tommorrows friday then we have a weeks holiday! hope you all have a good weekend, might do another outfit post soon :) 

lots of love, blackcat,xx

Tuesday, 15 February 2011



Ahhh sigh... i discoverd luella's spring collection from 2008, the clothes are all gorgous if i only they were in my price range! i love the make up and the hair i might have to try that look for a fancy dress party?  and my favriout dress would have to be the puffy white and black spotty dress!  

oh good news my cold has finally left me! but i feel slightly guilty as i have given it to all my friends :/ 

lots of love,blackcat,xx


Friday, 11 February 2011

tim &tim

Tim burton + Tim walker you can imagine my excitement when i saw this fashion spread for bazaar magazine!i absolutely love every photo to death! the colours, the clothes, and it all looks so fun! i wish i could just run into a fairy tale for a day everything would be so perfect. 

yay its Friday! hope every one has a good weekend :D 

lots of love,blackcat,xx

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Yes i know another lula fashion spread, but when i saw this i couldn't resist i love seeing backstage photos of models its like an insight to another world. 

today is an achievement ive finally finished making my dress in textiles! i dont think i will be posting any photos of it though as im not particularly fond of it, which is a shame as i spent so much time on it. 

hope your all having a good week.

lots of love,blackcat,xx