Tuesday, 8 May 2012

textiles, fin

So at the moment ive been busy, busy with exams, and now i have finished textiles! for this year anyway. 
and this is my final outcome! i have got some more pictures but they need some editing so here's just a quick post keeping you up to date. let me know what you think! 

lots of love blackcat xx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

jasp vintage

The other day me and my friend, Desiree had a stall at a vintage fair in Rottingdean, it was the start of our brand Jasp! It was a good day with lots of yummy food and we made £180! but unfortunately we didn't sell as much stock as we hoped, but hopefully we will do even better next time.

lots of love Blackcat,xx 

p.s. i am sorry for my lack of blogging lately its just with exams and such its hard to find the time, but i promise i will start posting more frequent now!